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·      How the company started? Where did the idea of the Fightback program come from? Who is the inspiration?

The Fight Back program was first developed in 2013 by Paritran’s Director and co-founder, Vikrant Pandey (who holds a black belt in Chinese Martial Arts), in collaboration with Mr. Uddab Thapa Magar (a highly experienced practitioner of martial arts and self-defense). Vikrant’s work in risk management combined with his martial arts background gave him the idea to combine self-defense with risk and safety awareness training. From start, the Fight Back curriculum has been indigenously developed using a Human-Centered Design approach, through an iterative process of continuously adapting the curriculum based on input/feedback from end-users.

·       What is fightback?

Fight Back is a sexual violence risk reduction education program for women and girls which develops their critical Mental, Vocal and Physical Skills to prevent, mitigate and manage the risk of sexual violence.

The current Education System has more emphasis on developing Learn and Earn Skills of women and girls, which is absolutely necessary and important in regard to their overall Empowerment. However, a very important aspect of personal empowerment is developing individual Safety skills, for which our education system has little or no emphasis.

 There has been a lot of good work and progress done in terms of awareness and advocacy for women and girls rights and there are many institutions to cater to this need. If sexual violence is viewed as an incident there are 3 stages to it a) Before Incident b) During Incident and c) After Incident. We believe that women and girls can develop their individual safety skills to address the "Before Incident" Stage through Preventive measures and Response Skills to address the "During Incident" Stage. They can be their own protectors.


Traditional Martial Arts and Combat based Competitive Sports Systems provide physical skills but fall short to address developing specialized mental and vocal skills to deal with sexual violence. We believe in the multi-disciplinary approach which combines Risk Management Skills with Reality Based Self Defense Systems.


A society  free from the risk of sexual violence.



To build mental, vocal and physical safety skills to be safe. 


To increase the prevention and response skills of individuals.



Reduce/manage vulnerabilities of targeted women trainees towards sexual violence