Safety Education Training in Schools

At schools we provide en masses safety education training to 100-1000 girls at a time. This creates a huge buzz and powerful peer to peer environment that enables girls to unleash their strengths. They learn physical and vocal skills and express their ideas about risks and safety issues that they all face. We have trained 3500+ in schools across Nepal with 100% positive feedback from girls, teachers and parents.

Institutional Training

We have delivered training to frontline female employees at banks, NGOs and entertainment businesses. We have also delivered CSR sponsored training to marginalized women and girls in rural districts across Nepal delivering tangible, high impact benefits at a low cost.

Fightback Fitness Centre

Our new studio where women and girls can get fit, build strength and boost confidence. Our unique classes leave you feeling mentally and physically powerful. These sessions can be delivered at our studio in Kathmandu or at other venues for group bookings. In order to register for our fitness program, please follow the link below.

Fitness Registration Form